Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Less than 40 minutes


6-9 months 


Swelling for 2-3 days


Topical Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic Injecitons

Lip Enhancement and augmentation are one of the most popular treatments within facial aesthetics. The lips are the focal point of the face. They are sensual and attractive and can make people look more youthful.

We can re-shape and contour lips using dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body.

We can create fuller upper lips for a more voluptuous smile, remove fine lines  from around the mouth,​ enhance the shape and definition of the lips, create a more prominent cupids bow,even out unsymmetrical lips and improve the profile of a face.



Lip injections with fillers is an art form, an eye for what is beautiful is essential. With delicate instrumentation lip filler injections can be painless, especially with the aid of local anaesthetic and instruments such as the Midas Touch which reduce pain.

Advanced injectors of dermal filler use a cannula technique to administers fillers. This means a small port hole is created near the lip and a blunted anded cannula is used to place dermal filler in the lip. There are significant benefits to this rather than using a sharp needle. Bleeding and bruising are significantly reduced, and vessels, nerves and vital structures are proctected.

Using cannula technique lip fillers can be done with minimal downtime and very little signs they have taken place.

Facial profile enhancment
With 1ml lip dermal fillers the facial profile has been successfully balanced.
Volumptous lip contouring
Lip volume into the body of the lips were added using Emervel Dermal Filler. This is a fuller pout which is still very natural.
Lip enhancement to upper lip
Dermal filler was used to add volume to the upper lip and improve the profile.
Enhancing very fine lips
Lips lose collagen over time, careful injections of filler have improved the shape, volume and created a youthful look.
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