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Skin health treatments will improve skin barrier function, texture and collagen content. These are rejuvenation treatments which are a real investment to the skin.


Chemical Peels

Using glycolic acid,mandelic acid, citric acid or retinol peels can exfoliate and resurface the skins surface leaving it glowing and fresh. Regular treatments can reduce fine lines, pigmentation and pores. Bespoke treatments can target problematic skin too.


We use the only FDA micro-needling device called SkinPen. This procedure creates controlled micro-trauma to the skin which allows for collagen production. This treatment is for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, poor texture and acne scarring.


Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid  injectable moisturiser. This weightless volumisation allows for a subtle, refreshed look. Profhilo will stimulate collagen and provide remodelling of the skin. Two sessions are a minimal requirement, one month apart. This treatment is excellent in the face and neck region.


By introducing small microinjections to the superficial surface of the skin we can rejuvenate and stimulate collagen in these areas. Mesotherapy in a way of reducing pigmentation, plumping the surface of the skin, smoothing the skin texture and creating a radiant surface. Adding skin boosting agents we get incredible results with repeated procedures.

Morpheus 8

Dr Uma is a key opinion leader for Inmode Morpheus 8.  This procedure creates controlled microneedling trauma with heat produced from radiofrequency. This treatment will tighten skin, contour fat, build collagen, improve poor texture and acne scarring.

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